Retail Sites

Retail sites vary from small restaurants up to large mall complexes. Peninsula Fire is staffed to handle any retail stores no matter how big the project.
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Office Buildings

Office buildings range from the simple 10K wood structure to a multi-story complex. Peninsula Fire is able to design and install your fire protection system to your specifications.

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Industrial Sites

Industrial sites are one of the most typical types of buildings. Peninsula Fire can recommend the fire protection systems you need to protect your investment in equipment, materials, and finished goods.

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Residential Developments

Residential developments range from a single-family home to a multi-story, assisted-living facility. Peninsula Fire is ready to provide the sprinkler system to meet your schedule, getting the job done on time and guaranteeing quality assurance.

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Institutional Facilities

Institutional facilities range from jails to hospitals. Peninsula Fire can help from the beginning by being there to help the engineers determine what is needed to protect your building in the early planning stages.

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